Hear from our satisfied customers about their great experiences with the Glideaway Adjustable Bed Bases, Malouf pillows and bed sheets, bamboo mattresses, and more!

"We LOVE our new bed!"

"We found Curtis showing these beds at the Sandwich County Fair. As soon as we laid on the Bliss Mattress with this Grand Base, we knew we had to have it. We were building a house and had to wait about 5 months for delivery and could not wait for the new bed to be delivered. We LOVE our new bed! We are sleeping better, not waking up tossing and turning all night long. It is super comfortable to read in and watch tv. About a week after receiving the bed, I came down with a terrible head cold. That was the bad news. The good news was that I had a bed that ROCKS! to recover in. Instead of being stiff and sore from laying in bed for two days, I was comfortable!”

-- Dolly, 2016 


"No one matches the quality."

“Curtis was one of the best salesmen I’ve met in a long time. I’ve shopped around and just comparing bases no one matches the quality plus fine detail to the base alone. Thank you."

-- Troy, 2016 


"My wife is thrilled with this bed!"

“My wife and I are very happy with this bed. We paired the Queen Size NAVIGATE BASE with the STRONG BAMBOO Mattress. One of the selling features for us was the fact that the base and mattress would work within our existing queen size frame and headboard; and it fit perfectly. I have had a long battle with insomnia as well as sleep apnea and this bed has improved my sleep habits somewhat. because it is so comfortable I am willing to stay in bed longer to give myself a chance to fall asleep and when I’m able to fall asleep I find that I sleep for longer periods. My wife is thrilled with this bed, she just loves the anti-gravity position, especially for reading!”

-- moandflat1, 2015 


"My husband says I don't snore anymore."

“We love our Split King Navigate Base and Strong Bamboo Mattress. No more acid reflux and my husband says I don’t snore anymore, however we all know I never snored. :)"

-- prreidy, 2016


"GREAT company, focused on your satisfaction!"

“We have had our new Bliss Mattresses for about a month now and could not be happier! Finally a good nights sleep!! With our Grand adjustable base and bamboo pillows we couldn’t be happier! And GREAT company, focused on your satisfaction!”

-- pilottvtail, 2016


"I would rate this bed an 11 if I could."

“We have only had our split king mattress with the adjustable base for a week but we really love it. We have had another adjustable bed before but this one is made so much better. Stronger base and much more adjustment. It’s heads above the other one that we had. I would rate this bed at a 11 if I could.”

-- Beckersnowwhite, 2016