About Ultimate Comfort Sleep

Our Mission: 
Help You "Sleep In Ultimate Comfort."

Ultimate Comfort Sleep has taken much pride in finding or creating the best bamboo bedding available.  From our bamboo mattresses to our bamboo pillows and sets of bamboo sheets, you will not find a better quality or customer service anywhere. If it is finding a cool and luxurious pillow to the softest and most durable bamboo sheets, we can help you get that hotel sleep experience in your own home.

Ultimate Comfort Sleep products have been sold nation wide and accepted as the most comfortable pillows and sheets by our clients.  We have been promoting Ultimate Comfort Sleep's Bamboo products at major home shows, fairs, festivals and special events in a town near you. While our bamboo pillows and sheets are available from a wide variety of retailers, our coveted bamboo mattresses are not available anywhere else.

For the best in Ultimate Comfort Sleep products, contact us today to find out about our full line of bamboo mattresses, pillows, and sheets for the best sleep you've ever had.

About Our Founders

Ultimate Comfort was founded in 2014 after Curtis Allison and Gary Thornton decided to take their combined 35 years of experience in the industry and create the best collection of comfort under one roof. 

Ultimate Comfort Sleep, Swing, and Spa was born all three unique comfort solutions under the same umbrella of ownership.  Not only are all three stores online and easy to navigate, they have now expanded their dream to brick and mortar to serve their immediate community.   

Visit us online or in person at any one of our sites or our new showroom located at: 
1320 N. Route 59 Naperville Il 60563 Suite 114.

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